Jueves, 12 de Octubre de 2017

The University of Colima and the Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU), China, signed two double degree agreements for students of Tourism Management and International Business.

This Tuesday, the Rector of the University of Colima, José Eduardo Hernández Nava, and Xuan Yong, Chairman of the Zhejiang International Studies University Board, China (ZISU), signed two agreements in order to obtain the double degree in the programs of Tourism Management and International Business. These agreements are derived from the approach both institutions had at the II Mexico-China Rectors Forum held in Beijing, China a few months ago, attended by the Rector Eduardo Hernández. In taking the floor, Hernández Nava said that the University of Colima has as a strategic task to strengthen the internationalization, "because in this way, the exchange of ideas and the participation in research projects is stimulated and reinforced". Hence, he added, "it's in our interest to maintain relationships with institutions from around the world, and to achieve our purposes; I am confident that signing these agreements will strengthen our relationship with the Zhejiang International Studies University."

Hernández Nava said that a double degree agreement allows the students not only to comply with their academic credits in two different institutions and cultures, but it also provides advantages to the possibilities for labor market insertion. When speaking about the link between both institutions, Hernández Nava stressed that "it is a very young relationship, since it was created on December 2014. However, to this day, 15 students from the UdeC have conducted study stays at ZISU, and 13 students from ZISU have chosen to conduct a study stay at our University". Xuan Yong, accompanied by a delegation of students and professors conducting a mobility at the UdeC, noticeably excited thanked the opportunity to sing the collaboration agreements between both institutions. Furthermore, he recalled with pleasure the friendship that arose between both leaders since the first time they met at the 2nd Mexico-China Rectors Forum, and highlighted the prestige of the University of Colima in Mexico and Latin America, for which reason he thanked the effort made to formalize the cooperation between both institutions.

"I hope that our agreements benefit our professors and students, because in the international exchange and cooperation, for reaching far and have a rich harvest, we need to work as a team, not alone," he said. Finally, he thanked again the support and cooperation of the UdeC, "our big sister," for the years reached by the house of studies, and lastly, he hoped that the UdeC "would go farther and would increase the harvest." Before concluding the meeting, Xuan Yong signed the book of distinguished guests. Also present at this signing of agreements were Zhou Caiying, Head  of the Directorate of Human Resources; Yu Haishan, Head of the Directorate of Scientific Research; Zhao Yinde, Head Directorate of International Business Schools; and Tao Guoxia, Deputy Director of the Directorate General of Exchange and International Cooperation. On behalf of the University of Colima were present Alfredo Aranda, General Coordinator of Scientific Research, Sara G. Martínez, Director General of Higher Education; Elías Flores, Advocate General; Genoveva Amador, Director General of International Relations and Academic Cooperation; Zaret Gaytán, Head of the Economics School; and Mauricio Zavala, Head of the Tourism School.